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Executive Portraits – “The Aviators”

Debbie and Bill Gardner are consultants to the private aviation industry, and they are also pilots. The challenge for their business portraits was to tie them to their business, but not necessarily to the cockpit where they had spent so many years flying. We needed a “corporate aviation” theme to support their current business.

We looked at some interior offices and conference rooms with the airport scene in the background, but I thought we needed a little more. We decided the best place to work would be on the tarmac of the local airport in Stuart, FL.  Business attire with an aviation theme would pull it together. We arranged the space, secured an real large prop, and got to work…

Their company is PDM Consulting, and Debbie Gardner operates their worldwide private air charter service:

Bill Gardner provides comprehensive consulting services related to industry compliance, and aviation operations management.

For more information on their business, you can follow this link to their website:

To see more of my professional and executive portraits, please visit:


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