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A Narrative Portrait – How Light Can Transform a Room

A recent portrait of Tony George, a local Stuart FL Attorney, provides the perfect example of how well placed, crafted, and shaped light can can transform a room from a drab space into something interesting with depth and dimension.

A pre-production visit to Tony’s office revealed a tight space, but with lots of details that he wanted to include in the image. I took this shot during that short visit to get a feel for the composition and light setup I was going to use.

To illuminate the various objects in the room I used 7 speedlights. I mounted 4 with tight snoots up in the ceiling, 2 on either side of me, and Tony’s key light was off to camera left, a SB900 inside a lastolite soft box.

Here is the final image, we were both very happy with the result:

Again, before and after:

Follow the link to Tony’s homepage where you can see that the image is not your typical lawyer portrait:

To see more of my narrative portraiture please visit:

Tihomir - Well done! Very nice!

Diane - Tom, I LOVE this portrait of Tony! You did an excellent job.

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