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gone fishing….

Last night I went fishing with Capt. John Meskauskas of Stuart Fly Fishing…

Ok, well I really didn’t go fishing, but rather went out to make a portrait of Capt. John…

Since making environmental portraits is my specialty, I took John into his work space, in and around the water. So we went to the sandbar area just inside the St Lucie Inlet in Stuart FL.

Pacing ourselves against the tide and the sunset was the game plan, and it worked out just perfectly. Below is a production shot…and yes, my gear is in the water, just above the rapidly rising water…

It was actually a great night to be out on and in the water, real peaceful and relaxing. There were so many birds flying low and fish jumping around us. A much different scene from the weekend boat crowds.

John was great to work with, really easy going and relaxed…

my favorite image of the set…


to learn more about John and Stuart Fly Fishing:

to see more of my environmental portraits:

a behind the scenes video of the shoot:


Mitch Kloorfain - Great series of images and story to match.

Jane "EJAN" Blatt - Your favorite is my favorite, as well, but they’re all remarkable! Is your equipment dry?

Mary Jo Grell - Very cool series…..You’re a master!

Fran Rago - As usual, GREAT PICS !!!!

Erika - Awesome shots Tom — almost look fake they are so beautiful. Florida has the most amazingly colorful sunsets and you captured it here!

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