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Inside The Bridge

Today I got a tour of the inside of the Roosevelt Bridge. Who knew there was an “inside”?  The DOT and other officials occasionally need to inspect the inside of the bridge. So I went up with them and a few locals including Commissioner Troy McDonald of the City of Stuart climbing up the ladder behind me…

The tour was led by George Denti, the project administrator for Cardno TBE, they are the contractors who also built the EC bridge and the new Indian Street Bridge.

Looking south, you can see the rise in the elevation, and the turn to the right…

Here is one of the slip joints in the bridge that allow it to expand and contract.

George was wrapping up while we waited to “de-bridge”..

Paula Nicoletti - Thank you so much Tom,
We are really glad you enjoyed this experience! Your extraordinary pictures gave us the unique opportunity to allow us share your adventure! Thank you for your thoughtfulness!
Our best, Paula and Paula

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