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James F. Hutchinson – Artist Portrait Series

James (“Jim”) Hutchinson’s passion of the Florida landscape and his work with the Seminole and Miccosukee Indians produced an invaluable record of a culture and people. His compelling artwork depicts the lives of people indigenous to Florida and also the wild back country in which they lived. His historically accurate artwork was used to promote an understanding of a culture that few knew.

In 1962 Jim received a grant to produce a number of paintings that depict the lives of the Seminole Indians. In order to fully engage his subjects, he and his wife Joan, lived among the community on the Brighton Reservation near the northwest shore of Lake Okeechobee for six years.


Jim produced portraits of tribal elders, families, and daily life of a culture that was rapidly disappearing.

Jim was inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame in 2011 along with some other notable artists: musician Ray Charles, actor Burt Reynolds, writers Tennessee Williams and Ernest Hemingway and 30 or so others. Pieces of his art are in the permanent collection of the Elliott Museum and Miami’s Historical Museum of Southern Florida.

Jim lived for many years in Hawaii, but recently returned to his hometown of Stuart where he grew up and established deep roots. I have known his son Kevin since I moved to Martin County, and he spoke of his father quite often. It was really an honor to meet him first in 2011, and now on a regular basis.

These images are from his reception at the Elliott Museum in Florida back in 2011 not long after receiving his award in Tallahassee…

Today, Jim is comfortably back in Stuart doing what he does best…

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Todd Barrett - I believe that I have a set of portraits done by James, they are the four bicentenal Indian chiefs. I can find almost no information about them online and would love some help to at least authenticate them. If any one can help me please do !!! Thank you

Roger's Frame and Gallery - Mrs. Mary McGinley stopped in my shot today and we begin talking about Mr. Hutchinson’s art. She happens to own Washday and purchased it in the late sixties. As well, I purchased a set or two of his 4 Seminole portraits. We both loved his work and would like to keep in touch.

Thanks, Roger Baldus

Kelly Hutchinson - If you need additional information on James Hutchinson please visit his website

Alice Gay - We met Jim in the late 1960’s when Robinson Galleries in Miami sponsored him and an exhibit of his Seminole paintings. We especially admired his portraits and depiction of their traditions. I think about the life-size triptych of famous Seminoles we saw that day, and hope they are now in a museum for all to appreciate.

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