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A Week in New England…

Just returning from a weeklong workshop in Maine with a photographer that I have admired for a long time, Gregory Heisler. Greg is a portrait photographer best known for his portraits of famous people that have appeared on the covers of many magazines.

In addition to Greg’s portrait work, he has vast experience shooting corporate assignments. I was eager to hear about it all, and learn about his creative process and lighting techniques. He’s a great story teller too, and the behind the scenes tales of many of his jobs were fantastic.

Here are my favorite images from the week. Many of the images are simple scenes from my walks around Camden, Maine, but the portraits were made with some new techniques, and in many cases using unconventional photography lights such as “shop lights” & simple incandescent lamps, and flashlights. We called them the Home Depot lights. The idea was to force us out of our creative box and to think differently about lighting.

My walk to class each morning

Our classroom/studio

Greg was great, really great. I hope to meet him again one day..


Dotty Molt - Thanks for sharing this Tom! What a wonderful experience, can’t wait to see how this affects your photography. Although I don’t know how it could be any better than it already is.

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