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Journey to Dance

Mikayla Bradford

I have learned to embrace the opportunities to work outside of my normal spaces that lead me to exciting new experiences and friendships.  This frequently happens when collaborating with other artists who understand the creative mindset and work with me to create something special and exciting. This project was all of that and more…

Tara Anstensen


Tasha Patterson Shirley with her Wings to Fly Dance Company

Tasha & Paul Shirley approached me last year to support the Wings to Fly Dance Company’s production of “Journey”, a unique performance that takes you through the depth and spirit of the human struggle. The show integrated dancers with and without disabilities in a beautiful series of moments and stories that needed no dialogue.



This “Journey” I had with these beautiful and talented dancers has deepened my appreciation for the art, and I am forever grateful for their trust and friendship. It was simply beautiful.

Cast of the Dance Company on the theatre stage.

The Entire Cast of the Wings to Fly production of “Journey”