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Stained Glass Reproduction at St Mary’s Church

I recently had the opportunity to do some fancy art reproduction for a unique project at a local church.


St. Mary’s Episcopal Church in Stuart FL, is under going a restoration of their Stained Glass Windows.

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The windows were installed back in the ’60’s, and they have become cracked and warped in many areas.

Representatives from Willet Hauser, the same company that originally manufactured and installed the windows where on the job carefully removing the windows and crating them up for transport back to Texas. They have a team of restoration exports that will tackle the job back at the shop.




Since the church is always in use, services, weddings, etc, a solution was needed to make the church appear as normal as possible during the 6 month absence. I had photographed the windows 2 years ago for a book project, but some of the files weren’t sharp enough for large prints. So off to work I went photographing then printing the same size image onto a transparency film. I adheared that film to the plexiglass insert that is filling the empty window space.




Here are some windows with the film awaiting installation.


The middle one is the reproduction, and the 2 ends are original stained glass. It’s pretty darn close.


This was a very cool project that was uniquely suited to my skill set as a photographer and fine art print maker.

You can watch a video of the project here:

A shout out to my buddy Steven Martine for his production assistance.