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Florida Top Ten Photographers Award – 2010

This week was a great one for 6 of my favorite images at the 2010 Florida Professional Photographers (FPP) Competition in Orlando, FL. Every year pro shooters from around the state gather for this distinguished event and convention. The competition is fierce, and the images are all top notch, so it’s a real honor to rank in the top ten.

The prints in the competition are judged on 12 primary elements, some of which are: Impact, Creativity, Technical Excellence, Composition, Lighting, Style, Print Presentation, Subject Matter, and Story Telling.

There are a number of categories, and awards are available for 1st -3rd place, and best in show. Overall scores contribute to a ranking that this year placed me in the FPP top ten which was the most exciting award of the week.

All six of the submitted images are posted below. The big winner was the “sunrise sculler”, that earned a score of 95, 1st place, and Best In Show. This was the second year in a row I took 1st place in the landscape category and that 95 is an extremely difficult score to achieve.

Sunrise Sculler

Board Meeting

Central Park

St Mary’s

The Smoking Man

Sunrise on the St Lucie

Some of these images will now compete internationally at the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) competition. “The Sandbar” and “St Lucie Blvd” are currently on the national PPA exhibit.  These competitions are really a great way to hone my skills as a photographer and fine art printer.

My thanks to Master Photographer Julie Hughes of Abbey of London for her inspiration and encouragement to compete.

Ed vossen - By any chance is “The Smoking Man” John Loesser of the Lyric Theatre?

Ruthann Hewson - Hi Tom,
Congratulations AGAIN! You photos are the best, and you are an all-around winner.

Julie Hughes - The greatest honor is when the pupil teaches the teacher. Love your work, and the iconic image maker you have become. I have a feeling the best is yet to come. Congrads and many happy returns!

dick Robertson - Im sorry I could not be there,what a wonderful award and you deserve it those were great photos. keep up the good work. you have the eye and Iam sure you will do much more in the future.

Wally Smith - Tom your photos are awesome. I certainly admire your talent. I can’t look at the sunrise sculler without giving thanks to God for the beauty of His creation. I certainly feel privileged to know you. Love seeing your photos any time.

Gloria Doino - Wow Middle Tom!!!

Your winnings and the honor that goes with them are fantastic. Uncle Tom and I salute you.

Think I recognize central Park?

95 score sounds like heaven to me.

God has given you “manos de plata” hands of silver (or talent) and all this on top of a heart of gold.

Continue to be the blessing that you are to family, friends and fans.

We love you all,

Gloria and Uncle Tom

PS We had the best time with your mother-in-law and Bill. Too bad they don’t live near by in Connecticut.

Jim Simoneau - Awesome photography….who really know how to capture the moment in time that makes you part of that photo. Tom, your work just continues to excell with every click of the camera. “You” are a “true work of art” Continued success!

Jane "EJAN" Blatt - Tom-Tom,
You really are an artist in the truest, purest sense of the term! Loved all of your
photographs but am partial to “Central Park” since it was where I got mugged while jogging!
Is “The Smoking Man” John Loesser?

Paul Aho - Tom,

It’s good to know that diligence and talent are still the road to travel. It’s all about being there, having a great eye and being highly skilled. Its also about working really hard and all of these things show in your work and success.

Its great to see you get your due.

Paul Aho

Barbara Scharlau - Tom
Wow- you are great… What great photos and to think you won 2 years in a row. I just got back from Venice, Croatia, Greek Islands, Turkey , Slovenia and I have over 1200 photos on 2 cameras. Do you tutor – ” Dumb Blondes”….. I never know when I will get that Kodak moment. Next year I am taking photos of all the differ WC’s I go into- They are differ in Europe especially the flushing.
Just to inform you I brought 4 more paintings- Where I will put them is my guess…. starting the ceiling….
See you at the board meeting the end of August. Tell Kristin, I remember now…
Barb Scharlau

Fran Rago - Tom.
What can I say, WOW just dosen’t cover it. The photo took my breath away just seeing it on the computer,I can’t imagine what it will look like if I get to see it in person. Thank you for sharing your great talent with me.

I’m going to foward it to Nicole. Can’t wait to get her reaction. Good luck in Nationals (although I don’t think you need it).


michael burwick - hey tom,

your winning piece was exquisiteas i expected. good luck always and keep up the good work. you’re an inspiration.
michael burwick

Stephen Stone - Tom…….Congrats………..Your eye is impeccable……what wonderful moments you have captured!
So proud to have you a member of The Seabranch Art League.

Anita Smith - Tom, these are great. Can’t wait for Kalyn to see these! Great job!!!!

Ccynthia Lay - Congratulations, Tom, on being named one of Florida’s top ten photographers….and for earning f irst prize with your beautiful “Sunrise Sculler” . Many more congratulations for all the honors you have recently won . All of us at PCAA are mighty proud of you….. and we appreciate all that you have done and are doing for Martin County by way of your photography and your generous nature.
Looking forward to seeing many more first prizes in the future.
Best wishes to you and your lovely family,
Cynthia Lay

jerry rubin - Tom,
Thank you for the opportunity to view such wonderful photographs.
Good luck in the PPA competition.
Jerry Rubin

Diane Tomasik - Congratulations, Tom! Your photographs are stunning and well-deserving of all your accolades. Continued good luck to you!

tami - Beautiful images, Tom. I’m so glad that you followed your calling and your dreams are coming true. You are truly talented!!!! CONGRATULATIONS….WELL DONE….YOU DESERVE IT!!!!!!!

Dale M Hudson - Tom.. you really outdo yourself in each new picture.. You give new life for your profession..Congrads on your winning 2 years in a row..

Dale Hudson

Nancy Turrell - Congratulations! Tom you are a cultural asset to our community. Thanks for being such an active part of it… we’re proud to have you as a member of the Council and of the Board.

Thomas Winter - Thanks Nancy, glad to be part of a great organization!

Thomas Winter - Ed, the smoking man is John Loesser..!

Thomas Winter - Thank you everyone for the kind words. It’s great to be able to share with a great community.

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